Weapons Possession

Weapons Possession in Winnsboro, South Carolina

Criminal charges are a serious matter in South Carolina. Hiring a professional attorney is an important first step in the criminal defense process.

Gavel on DocumentsThe criminal justice system is a complex organization that our attorneys have experience navigating. Our understanding of a typical prosecution, as well as our familiarity with the court system, is an essential part of any criminal defense. As soon as we are brought onto a case, the legal team at Strom Law Firm will dig in to develop a detailed strategy for defending your rights.

South Carolina has many jails and detention centers, many of which are frequented by the attorneys of the Strom Law Firm. Strom Law Firm represents clients across the state of South Carolina and in Georgia. Our attorneys frequently visit Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, the Lexington County Detention Center, and various other detention centers across the state.

An arresting officer may work for any of several law enforcement agencies. criminal charges may be served by any law enforcement agency in South Carolina. Depending on the arresting agency, a case may be heard by the Central Court, City Court, or a Magistrate Court.

Bond hearings may be held as soon as 24 hours after the initial arrest. Our attorneys can best prepare for your bond hearing and case with sufficient time to prepare. Please contact an attorney as soon as possible after your arrest so that preparation can begin for the complete case.

Even if you are charged with a crime, you are innocent until proven guilty. It is the state’s burden to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

South Carolina Weapons Possession Criminal Defense Attorneys

SC State FlagUnlawful possession of a deadly weapon, such as a knife, gun, etc., is a crime that usually occurs in conjunction with other crimes.

Consequences of an Unlawful Possession Charge

Unlawful possession charges will vary depending on a number of factors, but can result in:

  • Prison sentence
  • Probation
  • Loss of right to bear arms
  • Heavy fines

In order to carry a concealed weapon, the state of South Carolina requires a concealed weapons permit. A permit holder must have his permit identification card in his possession whenever he carries a concealable weapon.

If you are found carrying your concealed weapon without a permit in South Carolina, you could receive a fine of up to $500 or up to 90 days in jail.

Individuals who choose to carry a gun or firearm concealed should be cautious, even with a permit. Violating the terms of the permit or taking a weapon into a state without a reciprocity agreement can result in serious consequences.

Some states’ laws require that the state issue a permit if the applicant meets all the legal requirements. Other states’ laws give local law enforcement discretion over whether to issue the permit, even if the applicant meets requirements under state law.

The requirements to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon will vary by state.

Furthermore, if you are convicted of a felony, the rights to carry a concealable weapon are revoked under federal law. Under state law your rights to carry a concealable weapon are revoked only for certain enumerated offenses.

More on Winnsboro, South Carolina

The county seat of Fairfield County, SC is the town of Winnsboro. Located in the midlands but near the upstate, Winnsboro calls itself “A Town for All Time.” Fairfield County offers access to Lake Wateree and Lake Monticello and is located directly between Columbia and Charlotte, NC. Over 11,000 acres of the Sumter National Forest is also located in Fairfield.

Because it is located conveniently, Winnsboro is a travelers respite between Charlotte and Columbia. Interstate 77 runs directly through Winnsboro on the Columbia side and provides access from Winnsboro to Fort Jackson Military Base.

There are several famous landmarks in Winnsboro. Laura’s Tea Room, located in the same building as the historic Thomas Company, hosts visitors and residents alike for high tea and is a popular tourist attraction. Another popular attraction is the Winnsboro Town Clock, which doubles as a community common area and a voting station. Originally a railroad town, Winnsboro is home to the South Carolina Railroad Museum.

Because of abundant lake access in Fairfield County, Boating Under the Influence charges may be applicable. Boating Under the Influence is similar to a DUI charge and needs to be handled by an experienced attorney. Access to Lake Wateree is provided by the Lake Wateree State Park and Recreation Area, which allows many types of recreation including swimming, fishing, boating, camping, and more.

The Fairfield County Courthouse, located in downtown Winnsboro, is an iconic landmark designed in Greek Revival Style. Completed almost 200 years ago, the Fairfield Courthouse is a local landmark and is still operational.

Most offenders in Winnsboro are housed at the Fairfield County Detention Center. Most DUI arrests are made by South Carolina Highway Patrol, although some arrests may be made by the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office or local police. Upon arrest, individuals are either taken to FCDC or to the local police station.

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