Student Arrest

Criminal Defense for a Student Arrest in Winnsboro, South Carolina

Contacting an attorney immediately is a crucial part of an effective criminal defense. The defense of your rights is greatly benefitted by the guidance of a professional lawyer.

Student Arrest in SchoolOur attorneys have a thorough understanding of the criminal justice system. Our attorneys have spent years defending cases and working with prosecutors to achieve outcomes for our clients. From the outset of a case until its closure, the attorneys of the Strom Law Firm will be by your side and defending your rights.

There are various jails and detention centers in South Carolina, many of which are frequented by the attorneys of our law firm. We have extensive experience working with and visiting these types of facilities. Our attorneys work most frequently with the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, located at 201 John Mark Dial Dr, Columbia, SC 29209, and at the Lexington County Detention Center, located at 521 Gibson Rd., Lexington, SC 29072. The attorneys of the Strom Law Firm have vast experience traveling across South Carolina to myriad detention centers.

An arresting officer may work for any of several law enforcement agencies. In Richland County, arrests can be made by any law enforcement agency. The type of case and location usually dictate which type of court will hear any given case.

As soon as 24 hours after arrest, a bond hearing may be held. Requisite time for the attorney to prepare is an essential aspect of defending you and your rights. Involvement throughout the life of your case is an important aspect of criminal defense, and time is essential for preparation.

Criminal charges do not mean that a defendant is guilty of the crime. The prosecution is responsible for proving that the defendant is guilty.

Dealing With An Arrest As A South Carolina College Student

Whether you’re attending USC, Clemson, Winthrop or another South Carolina college or university, being arrested and charged with a crime as a college student can have lasting effects on your personal life and professional career.  Sometimes college students find themselves on the wrong side of the law; however, making a mistake in college should not detrimentally impact a young person’s future. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your case can mean the difference between a clean record and a bright, successful future and spending time behind bars.

In addition to state criminal penalties if convicted, a college student could face additional penalties if convicted including:

  • Academic Discipline, including possible expulsion, suspension, or school probation,
  • Loss of financial aid or scholarships,
  • Forfeiture of assets,
  • Inability to obtain a professional license
  • Loss of student/on-campus housing privileges.

Students should be in the classroom, not the courtroom.  Let us help make that a reality for you if you or a loved one are facing criminal charges.  We have years of experience dealing with USC Student Arrest cases, and we would be glad to help with yours.

Some of the Most Common Types of Student Charges include:

  • Minor In Possession
  • DUI
  • Drug Crimes
  • Alcohol-related Offenses

We welcome calls from parents and students.  Protecting your future is important, so call the Strom Law Firm today, and we will be glad to schedule a free, confidential consultation to discuss your USC Student Arrest.

All About Winnsboro, South Carolina

Fairfield County CourthouseWinnsboro is the county seat of Fairfield County, South Carolina. Located in the midlands but near the upstate, Winnsboro calls itself “A Town for All Time.” Also located in Fairfield County are two lakes: Wateree and Monticello. The Sumter National Forest, managed by the US Forest Service, is also located in Fairfield County.

Because it is located conveniently, Winnsboro is a travelers respite between Charlotte and Columbia. These travelers frequently utilize I-77, which runs straight through Winnsboro.

There are several famous landmarks in Winnsboro. Inside the original Thomas Company building is Laura’s Tea Room, a traditional tea room and popular tourist attraction. Another popular attraction is the Winnsboro Town Clock, which doubles as a community common area and a voting station. As an homage to its roots as a railroad town, Winnsboro is also the location of the SC Railroad Museum.

It is not uncommon for motorists to face charges for Boating under the influence. Boating under the influence is very similar to DUI. The Lake Wateree State Park is an access area commonly used for recreational activities.

The Fairfield County Courthouse, located in downtown Winnsboro, is an iconic landmark designed in Greek Revival Style. The courthouse is still operational even though it was initially constructed in 1823.

Located at 10 Faith Lane, Winnsboro, the FCDC is where most offenders are taken after arrest. The area is patrolled by various law enforcement agencies, including local police and the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office. Upon arrest, individuals are either taken to FCDC or to the local police station.

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