Expungements and Pardons

Expungements and Pardons in Sumter, SC

In South Carolina, being charged in a criminal matter is a serious event. An attorney who knows the criminal justice system is an essential aspect of defending criminal charges. You need an attorney that understands Expungements and Pardons.

Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of the criminal justice system. Our attorneys have spent years defending cases and working with prosecutors to achieve outcomes for our clients. From the outset of a case until its closure, the attorneys of the Strom Law Firm will be by your side and defending your rights.Circle Court Room 2

The attorneys at the Strom Law Firm are familiar with various jails and detention centers. We have extensive experience working with and visiting these types of facilities. Our attorneys work most frequently with the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, located at 201 John Mark Dial Dr, Columbia, SC 29209, and at the Lexington County Detention Center, located at 521 Gibson Rd., Lexington, SC 29072. The attorneys of the Strom Law Firm have vast experience traveling across South Carolina to myriad detention centers.

An arresting officer may work for any of several law enforcement agencies. The arresting agency may depend on different factors, including the location of the crime allegedly committed. It is important to rely on criminal defense attorneys as early as possible to defend your rights.

It is imperative that any person charged with a crime contact the Strom Law Firm immediately or as soon as possible after arrest. The attorneys at the Strom Law Firm may be an essential part of your defense, even before a trial takes place.

What is an Expungement?

Generally, when you are convicted of a crime, that record may follow you forever. Even if you have served your sentence or paid your fine, the lasting implications of a criminal record can follow you forever, affecting you personally and professionally.  However, South Carolina law allows for some convictions to be removed from your record through an expungement, which is an order for the destruction of records relating to an arrest and/or conviction. Our criminal defense attorneys can advise you as to whether you are eligible for an expungement.

Why Is Expungement Sometimes Necessary?

Ensuring that your criminal record is an accurate reflection of your criminal history helps you avoid the risk of being turned down for a job simply because you were arrested or suspected of illegal activity.  Criminal background checks are often administered for various application processes and could reveal past convictions that can hurt your future. Missing out on employment opportunities, being ineligible for loans, and other associated set-backs can take a serious toll on your life and your family’s life based on an incident that occurred many years prior.

What Alternatives Are Available For Me If I Am Not Eligible For An Expungement?

If you are not eligible to have a particular arrest or record expunged, you may be eligible for a pardon. A pardon mitigates or sets aside punishment for a crime and restores the rights and privileges forfeited on account of the offenses, but does not remove the conviction for your record. While a pardon does not remove items from a background check, pardoned convictions on your record will be followed by a notation that they have been “pardoned”.

Sumter, SC

Sumter, South Carolina is the county seat of Sumter County. Sumter is located outside of Florence, SC, where Interstate 20 and 95 intersect. Sumter is known for a variety of attractions, including USC-Sumter and Shaw Air Force Base.

Shaw Air Force Base is one of the largest Air Force Bases in the United States. Shaw AFB is home to the 20th fighter wing, the largest combat F-16 wing in the Air Force. Shaw is an important contributor to the success of Sumter County, contributing over $625 million in payroll and over 20,000 residents. Deadwood South Dakota

Sumter is home to a variety of popular roadways due to its central location and access to state hotspots. Conveniently, Sumter is located only 100 miles from Myrtle Beach’s Grand Strand. Bars and nightlife are also popular in Sumter.

Sumter has a relatively high crime rate compared to the rest of South Carolina. Sumter was ranked as the 8th biggest city in SC in 2010.

The Courthouse of Sumter County is an important county icon. The Sumter County Courthouse is located at 215 North Harvin Street, Sumter, SC 29150. The Sumter Police Department has jurisdiction in Sumter County, though DUIs may be charged by any police agency with jurisdiction, including the South Carolina Highway Patrol. The active correctional facility in Sumter is the Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center, located at 1250 Winkles Rd., Sumter, SC 29153.

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