Human Trafficking Charges

Columbia, South Carolina Human Trafficking Charges

If you or your loved one has been arrested and charged with a human trafficking crime you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina, who will fight to protect your rights. The criminal defense attorneys at the Strom Law Firm, LLC will fight to protect your rights and your personal and professional future.

handcuffed man needs criminal defense helpOur attorneys have a thorough understanding of the criminal justice system. Our understanding of a typical prosecution, as well as our familiarity with the court system, is an essential part of any criminal defense. From the moment you hire the attorneys of the Strom Law Firm, we will begin to craft a detailed defense of your rights.

South Carolina has many jails and detention centers, many of which are frequented by the attorneys of the Strom Law Firm.

There are various detention centers and police stations where an alleged offender may be held after being arrested.. There are dozens of facilities across South Carolina, including the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center in Columbia. Our attorneys have experience with nearly every venue in SC and are willing to travel to defend your rights.

Arrest warrants are served by various law enforcement agencies in South Carolina. The arresting agency may depend on different factors, including the location of the crime allegedly committed. It is prudent to retain legal counsel as soon as possible after arrest.

Bond hearings may be held as soon as 24 hours after the initial arrest. Requisite time for the attorney to prepare is an essential aspect of defending you and your rights. Contacting legal representation as early as possible is the best way to give an attorney adequate time to prepare.

Being charged with a crime does not make you guilty of a crime. It is the state’s burden to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

Criminal Defense Lawyers for Human Trafficking Charges in South Carolina

Human trafficking is a serious charge that can carry severe penalties. Because the burden of proof lies on the state, requesting all relevant evidence is just the starting point for building your criminal defense. Our familiarity with prosecutorial techniques, knowledge of the SC criminal law, and our understanding and sincere concern for the rights and liberty of people facing criminal charges ensures that you will receive a vigorous, well-planned defense.

Section 16-3-2020

In South Carolina, the Code of Laws states that a person is guilty of trafficking in persons if he or she recruits, entices, solicits, isolates, harbors, transports, provides, or obtains, or attempts to obtain, a victim, for the purpose of or even only having knowledge that the victim will be forced into sex trafficking, forced labor or services, involuntarily servitude or debt bondage through any means. A person can also be found guilty of the same if he or she benefits financially, or receives anything of value, by any means that has engaged in any of the above referenced acts.

Additional human trafficking charges include:

  • conspiracy to transport a person in interstate commerce for the purpose of prostitution
  • conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of a minor
  • promoting prostitution

Penalties for Trafficking in Persons:

  • For a first offense, the person is guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, must be imprisoned not more than fifteen years.
  • For a second offense, the person is guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, must be imprisoned not more than thirty years.
  • For a third or subsequent offense, the person is guilty of a felony, and, upon conviction, must be imprisoned not more than forty-five years.

Additionally, a person convicted of trafficking in persons must be ordered by the court to pay a mandatory restitution to the victim.

Charged with Human Trafficking in South Carolina?

If you have been charged with trafficking in humans, (human trafficking), in South Carolina, we may be able to help. Contact us today for a free case consultation to discuss your case. You have rights, and our criminal defense lawyers will work to provide the best possible outcome for your case.

Columbia, South Carolina

columbia-south-carolina-fountainRichland County, one of the largest counties in South Carolina, is home to county seat and state capital Columbia. Richland County is home to numerous important landmarks including the SC State House and the Supreme Court of South Carolina.|

Fort Jackson Army Base, the largest U.S. Army installation for Basic Combat Training, is an essential facet of the Columbia community. Fort Jackson is responsible for training half of Army soldiers annually, including over 60% of our women soldiers. An important part of the Columbia community, over 12,000 families call Fort Jackson home and over 35,000 potential soldiers are on campus throughout the year.

The University of South Carolina Gamecocks have their home in Columbia, and the UofSC is the state’s flagship university. The UofSC educates over 32,000 students per year on its Columbia campus. The university generates a tremendous impact on the city, which is ranked as the #3 college town in the country.

Columbia has many natural resources even inside the city limits. Multiple rivers, including the Broad River, Saluda River, and Wateree River each run through Columbia, which is also home to Lake Murray. Boating, sailing, hiking, and swimming are all popular attractions at these natural locations and provide entertainment and attractions for local residents and visitors.

Nightlife is an active part of the Columbia social scene. Five Points, the Vista, and Main Street give patrons many options to choose from. Main Street is currently undergoing a renaissance, hosting many popular Columbia events such as Restaurant Week, Famously Hot New Year, the Soda City Market, and Oktoberfest. The Vista, famous for its upscale dining and the Vista Lights, is another option common among young professionals, while many students choose to frequent Five Points, complete with signature events St. Pats in Five Points and the Five Points Chili Cookoff. Columbia hosts many activities and is an active place to live.

DUI arrests in Richland County may be made by South Carolina Highway Patrol or any other law enforcement agency. Depending on the arresting agency, a DUI case may be heard by the Central Court, City Court, or a Magistrate Court. In the short time after arrest, suspects may be taken to detention at the Alvin S. Glenn detention center or to a local police station. After a short period of time in detention, a bond hearing will be set. Contacting an attorney from the very beginning of your case only helps that attorney defend your rights, including at the bond hearing.|

Our attorneys frequently have significant experience in The City of Columbia City Court, located at 811 Washington St., Columbia, SC 29201, and Central Court, located at 1701 Main St., Columbia, SC 29201. Our attorneys also frequently visit the Alvin S. Glenn detention center, located at 201 John Mark Dial Dr., Columbia, SC 29209.|

Interstates and Freeways comprise many of the roads into and out from Columbia. I-20, I-26, and I-77 each run through Richland County, and two other major interstates (I-85 and I-95) run nearby through other counties in South Carolina. These roads traverse South Carolina and all of its major cities.

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